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Yes and no! Almost every family I work with I see the same thing and I'm completey prepared for it. Most kids start out cooperative and have most likely been promised something like ice cream at the end. But kids are kids and they can only be perfect for so long. That is where my special skills come into play and get us through the rest of the session. I love kids and I do very well with them. This is the most common thing I hear at all my sessions and continually comes up in all testimonies. You're in good hands!

3. Will my kids behave?

Your gallery will be delivered within 7 days. Some exceptions can apply but it's been a long time that I couldn't get a gallery back to someone within that time frame. If you book a mini session with me it's even quicker! Getting your images back to you quickly is a top priority for me. I even mentor other photographers on their workflow and being able to do this same thing for their clients too!

2. When will I see my pictures?

I move as quickly as possible so that your children or family members don't lose interest in the session. I predict kids have an average of 30-40 minutes of good behavior and after that it's a wild card! I work really well with children and can move with them through their ups and downs. There is no time limit, and breaks are welcome, but I try to make it as quick and painless as possible. 

1. How long will my photography session last?

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