When I stepped out of the classroom I immediately starting teaching photography. I wrote an e-book on beach photography that sold over 1k copies in the first week. This put me on the map as a photography educator and since then I have spoken at countless conferences, led women's photography retreats since 2018, and have been a Tamron Pro with Tamron Americas since 2017. I speak multiple times a year, and coach photographers. Teaching and photography are a true passion of mine and I'm so thankful to do both!

I was born with a passion to teach and did just that for 11 years in the elementary classroom. As I became a mother I had a deep desire to also capture photos of my kids and began learning photography in 2009. I opened my photography business in 2011. I instantly knew this was also for me. After 6 years of learning to run a photography business I slowly transitioned from a full time teacher to a full time photographer in 2017 and have never looked back. In my personal life I have two kids, and a husband. My favorite thing to do is watch them cheer and play baseball. There is not much that can keep me from watching my kids do what they love! 


Atlanta Family Photographer & Educator. 

Hi! I’m marcie reif.

I believe that investing in a photography session is the only way to freeze time. Your children will grow and change over the years and these photos will become the most treasured item you own.

My mission is to give you the best photography experience you've ever had. I want the communication, quality, efficiency, and overall fun and stress free feeling of the session to exceed every experience you've had so far during a photo shoot. I want your kids to have so much fun that they won't want to leave and dad to say that wasn't so bad after all. I want this to become a great relationship that grows with your family through all of your milestones and be the only Atlanta family photographer you want!  

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