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The Roadtripper's retreat is designed for women who want to invest in their business, elevate their hobby, and develop their brand style. They love photography, thrive on being around other creative women, and want to keep investing in their craft no matter where they are on their journey.

It will be a safe place to learn and explore areas of your photography that you want to improve. It will be a place to share what you love about photography and inspire others with the accomplishments you've already made.  

the roadtrippers retreat

photography retreat for women

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virtual: The next round of coaching starts soon! Apply today if you are interested in working together!

I offer virtual or in person coaching sessions. I have a menu of topics you can choose from or we can spend 4 months together covering several things in your photography and business that are holding you back. Some topics we can discuss are: learning to use your camera on manual mode, understanding how to use light to make your images amazing, editing, workflow, speeding up all of your processes, your website (making sure it's working for you), creating client email lists, welcome guides, using forms to book sessions, the list goes on! I am an open book and teaching is my passion. Let’s chat and see how we can work together!

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portfolio review

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Need a new set of eyes that can review and target your strengths or areas of growth? Are you prepping to submit your portfolio to an association like Click Pro? Let me help you refine your visual voice!

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Kids photography summer workshop

Atlanta, Ga

This summer workshop will be the perfect avenue for kids who are interested in photography, and better yet aspire to stretch their creative wings behind the camera. This workshop will teach them the basic skills of photography with some advanced skills mixed in that can open many doors for them in the future. If your child is interested in working with photography in their school for sports and activities, yearbook, and social events they will be able to jump right in after this week of learning. There are 10 spots available each week which will make this a small group learning environment.  

Date: June 5, June 10, July 10
Atlanta, GA

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