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If you have dreaded school picture day because it's absolute chaos you can kiss those days goodbye! This will the most well run school picture day you've ever seen! With 11 years experience as an elementary teacher working with schools is my strength! I treat each group of students just as if they were a class of my own. I talk to them as a whole group and let them know exactly what they will be doing. I build them up and praise them the entire time. I know when to slow down with certain kids who need a little bit of extra time and attention. I'm also very comfortable working with students who have special needs. I do anything and everything I can for a smile but work quickly and efficiently. We rarely get off schedule and I bring a team of amazing ladies that are doing all the things behind the scenes to make sure we stay on track! You will actually look forward to school picture day!  

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I serve small schools and preschools in the Gwinnett County and Metro Atlanta areas to bring them the best picture day they have ever had. I deliver timeless portraits of their children that exceed every expectation they have of a school photo. I create simple and personality packed photos that make families very happy to have. As a former elementary teacher there is no job that suits me better than this one!   

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School picture day was something that I never looked forward to. The photographers we worked with did not know how to work with kids and it was always unorganized. I felt like the parents deserved to have better photos of their children. Our first picture day with Marcie in 2020 was a completely opposite experience than anything else we had in the past. Marcie and her team ran the most organized, efficient, and well run picture day I had ever seen. Marcie is AMAZING with the kids. She spends just 1-3 minutes with each kid and gets the most precious pictures! My favorite thing to do when she delivers the gallery is stop what I'm doing and look through all of the photos. She delivers the gallery within a week and then completely runs it from there. All money is collected through her site and the pictures are delivered to the student's home. She is amazing and I can't recommend her enough. I actually look forward to picture day every fall and spring! 

 "Marcie and her team ran the most organized, efficient, and well run picture day I had ever seen."

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Getting to work with your school is a very big deal to us. It is a huge honor and we take it very seriously. We know when to move quickly and we know when to slow down. We spend extra time with those little friends who are shy and nervous and give them extra chances if they need them. I often times will even let a child sit next to me while I'm taking their classmates photos just so they can connect with me a little bit more before their turn. Most kids see how much fun it is and can't wait for their turn. By this point I have earned their respect and will do just about anything I ask them. We talk to the teachers if we can't quite break through with a kid because we know that they know them best. It's truly a team effort to give every child the most positive experience in front of my camera. We make them feel special and loved. We tell them how proud we are of them the entire time. I know that building up children with positive praise is the most effective way to bring out their best side.  Rarely do we ask children to smile but instead find ways to make them smile. This way we get the most genuine smile that families deserve to have!

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Atlanta Preschool Photography company

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Each school can choose between one of  two things. They can choose to get 5% back of the gross profit or they can have the high resolution files for their yearbook or website of the staff and students pictures that we take.   


Does the school get a percentage of the profits?


No, parents do not place any orders until they see their child's photos and then it is entirely up to them if they place an order or not. 


Will parents preorder before picture day?


There are several packages and most of them are a combination or prints and digital images. There is something for everyone and value packages for families who have more than once child at the school.


Do you offer digital images and prints?


I will deliver the gallery within 1 week. It will be on a website with everything parents need to know. My contact info is there for them to direct all questions to me. 


When will you deliver the school photos?





All orders are delivered to the address the parent provides. There is a $5 flat rate shipping fee. 


Do you deliver photos to the school? 


Usually we spent 15-20 minutes with each class and they are scheduled back to back. I usually spent 2 days at a preschool. The first day is about 3 hours and then second day is about 1.5 to 2 hours. The first day we take all of the students individual photos and the next day is for make ups and any class photos. 


How long should we plan for the picture day to take?



I never expected my child's school photos to be this good. I showed all of my neighbors and they couldn't believe it either. I have to have all of these photos and although I have tried to choose just one I can't. Your work is amazing!!! Thank you so much.

 "I never expected my child's school photos to be this good."

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