July 5, 2017

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Michigan Vacation | Atlanta Family Photographer

Michigan Vacation | Atlanta Family Photographer

Our trip to Michigan started off a little stressful, as something horrible happened just hours before to the airport we were flying into.  It was a lot of waiting and walking back and forth at the airport.  This little guy did me a big huge favor and fell asleep right at take off! Amen! I was able to relax through the entire flight while big sister chatted with a friend the entire time we met during all of the waiting.

Mimi was so happy to have all her grandkids together and this definitely called for a mini photo shoot.  Everyone loves the new baby!

We also had our best friends the Valanty’s over for a sleep over at Mimi’s! The kids were absolutely adorable together! My heart just melts to see them all together! <3

How lucky were we to see an ice cream truck come down Mimi and Pop’s quiet little street?  I of course was so excited for the photo op! 🙂

Two very lucky kids got new bikes and Mimi and Pops!

They loved taking a ride with Pops and his motorcycle.

The weather finally got warm enough for a day at the beach! We had fun spending the day on Lake Huron!

This water was absolutely freezing at just 60 something degrees! He was brave and kept going under!

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