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High Impact Photography Mentorship & Coaching


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  • Poor Time Management
  • Ineffective Workflow
  • Subpar Customer Service
  • Client Retention
  • Not Booking the Right Clients
  • Photography is treated like a Hobby not a Business
  • Not Leveraging Social Media
  • Ineffective Website 

the biggest reasons your photography business is not growing

Marcie Reif is opening another round of photographer mentorships & Coaching 

the benefits

Cut your editing time down and learn to leverage AI

learn to communicate effectively with your clients

Increase your income in 2024 

Learn to retain your clients and work with them multiple times a year.

This program is written for you and your individual needs and goals. 

Learn to use your website & social media to attract your ideal client

Anything specific such as skills, lighting, editing etc that you need growth in  

8 weeks long
Next round of Sessions starts now!

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the Sessions:

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We will start with what you really want most for your business and photography and make a plan to get you there.

This will be tailored specifically to you.  These coaching sessions will look different for every photographer. 

some things I have worked on with past clients:

- basics of the exposure triangle and camera settings

-use of light and how it will tremendosly impact everything

-using studio light and adding $$$ to your annual income with just one light!

-Complete overhaul on culling & editing workflow

-marketing strategies to sell to past & new clients

-Using your website to increase your annual sales and income 

-using social media, google, email, sing up forms, welcome guides, and other sources to reach potential clients

What will we cover?

what we'll cover

how will we meet and work together virtually?

We will work together though zoom calls, texting, and emailing.

What is your experience working with other photographers?

I've worked with countless photographers through mentorships, hands on workshops, retreats, and conferences

Can I trust that this coaching style will work for me?

After one sessions together you will be convinced that this was the best decision you have made for yourself.

Will there be a payment plan available?

Yes, you will pay monthly for your 1:1 coaching sessions.

I am very worried for the critique and that it will hinder my self confidence.

I firmly believe that teaching and critiquing work is best done by studying the strong attributes that makes an image strong. We will not pick apart images but instead look for strengths in either your work or others. 

How many spots are available for this next round of coaching?

Only 5 spots are available, and we will make sure that we are the right fit for each other to carry out your goals.

I've had a lot of success so far, how do I know this will be worth it?

Investing in your business and creating new goals is the ultimate way to improve every aspect of your business and will no doubt increase your annual sales. 

frequently asked questions

5 stars isn’t enough for Marcie! Marcie is a fabulous photographer and educator. She has a wonderful way of explaining things on your level and giving critique that will help you grow as a photographer. I have used her as a mentor, and saw improvements after our first call!! She is responsive, timely, to the point, but also very kind and supportive. Having someone view your portfolio with a critical eye can be very intimidating, but I knew I was in good hands with Marcie!

“She has a wonderful way of explaining things on your level and giving critique that will help you grow as a photographer.”

Megan Brown

I have never spent this much on coaching ever! But, I went for it because I completely trust you and I have spent many years trying to become significantly better with work I can be proud of and haven’t gotten there, yet. And, you have always gone above + beyond in any teaching/coaching I have been a part of! Any topic you have coached me on has always been extremely valuable! 

“Any topic you have coached me on has always been extremely valuable! ”

Kimberly Mimeles

meet marcie

When I started my photography business in 2012 I was a full time elementary teacher and pregnant with our 2nd child. My plate was full. I was working like crazy to get my photography business running and making $15K a year.  It wasn't an easy road but 5 years later when I stepped out of the classroom I not only replaced my teachers salary but doubled it the first year, and it's been continuing to rise ever since. Now with a 6 figure income I know I made the right choice.

I was stuck in a place where I was spending countless hours and not getting paid nearly enough for my time. I have broke through those barriers, reached thousands of photographers through e learning, speaking at conferences, photography retreats and one on one mentorships. I would love to teach you all the ways you can be a highly successful photographer.  

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe I could get here but I'm willing to show you how to do it! Teaching is my true passion and teaching other photographers how to achieve their goals is what I love to do.

photographer & educator

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